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Feel seen, heard, and understood

Body language improves communication, as posture and movement highlights emotions like happiness, frustration and excitement.

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"When I realised that our work in Cohere through Miro was simultaneously being 'done' through Miro on my laptop. That was a game changer and something my team has wished for, since we want to be able to switch mediums based on our needs and demands."

Ivar Josefsson

Senior advisor at Emerging Technologies

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Ivar from Posten

The first time I had a conversation with my boss and colleagues in Cohere (my first collaborative experience in VR) was a moment I will never forget. It feels like this is the beginning of the next level of collaboration, training and business.

Magnus Mackay

Competence Development Manager

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Ivar from Posten

When using Cohere, you force everyone to join in on equal terms! It makes it a lot easier to involve the participants. It is intuitive, easy to use and it works perfectly well. It's no longer a problem to work remote, or to have colleagues located in the rest of the world.

Kristine Løvflaten Koslung

Senior Advisor at Emerging Technologies

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Ivar from Posten

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